Alexey Malyshev / CEO

about me

Alexey founded the company in 2011 after a 10 year career in enterprise Audio Video. PSE was founded as a result of his passion to deliver the most innovative and reliable AV systems. Audio Video has been Alexys passion, starting from the bottom running wires, to managing projects, to leading teams, to then starting PSE. 

Alexys role is split between CEO (running the business) and Head of Innovation (ensuring PSE is providing the most innovative solutions to their clients). What drove Alexey to start PSE was the lack of innovation in the industry, seeing companies delivering solutions with dated technology and not understanding the challenges people and companies were facing. There was a real opportunity to solve this by identifying your clients needs and providing them the most innovative solution possible. Innovation and client experience has and will always be the highest priority for the business. 

Alexey holds industry recognized CTS and CTS-I certifications along with dozens of other certification from all the leading manufacturers such as Crestron, Exron, Savant, Lutron,