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Protect your home or facility with advanced access control solutions provided by PSE in New York City.

Secure Your People, Buildings, and Assets with Access Control Solutions in NYC

When it comes to safeguarding your people, buildings, and assets, investing in access control technology is a reliable and effective choice. At PSE, our custom-designed access control systems offer a wide range of benefits for facilities of any size in New York City. With our solutions in place, you can ensure the highest level of protection and peace of mind.

Access Control Benefits

Ensuring a Safe Work Environment

Our access control systems create a safe work environment by allowing only authorized individuals to enter your home or commercial premises. With strict access protocols in place, you can enhance security and mitigate potential risks, ensuring the safety of everyone within your home and work facility.

24/7/365 Security

Our solutions offer robust protection, restricting access to authorized individuals and monitoring entry and exit activities. With enhanced security measures in place, residents can have peace of mind knowing that their safety is prioritized and their living spaces are safeguarded.

Protecting High-Security Areas and Sensitive Data

Protect your high-security areas, sensitive data, networks, and equipment with our access control solutions. PSE understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality and preventing unauthorized access to critical areas. By implementing our custom-designed systems, you can enforce stringent access policies and safeguard your valuable assets, ensuring the integrity of your operations.

Safe and Reliable Building Egress in Case of Emergencies

Ensure safe and reliable building egress during emergencies with PSE's access control systems. Our solutions include features such as emergency exit monitoring and integration with fire alarm systems, allowing for seamless evacuation procedures. By providing efficient and controlled egress, you can mitigate risks and prioritize the safety of occupants in your home or office.

Scalable Infrastructure for Growing Security Needs

Our access control systems offer a scalable infrastructure that can adapt to your evolving security needs. Whether you have a small home or a large office complex, our solutions can be tailored to accommodate your requirements. With the ability to expand and integrate additional access points and security features, our systems provide a future-proof solution that can grow alongside your organization.

Access Control Features

Streamlined Administration and Mobile Access

Effortlessly manage your access control system with features designed for simplified administration. Our solutions allow for easy access control management through iOS and Android mobile devices, providing convenient and intuitive control over permissions, cardholder management, and door lock schedules. With mobile access, you can efficiently oversee and adjust your system from anywhere.

Customizable Reporting and System Monitoring

Gain valuable insights and stay informed about your access control system with our customizable reporting capabilities. PSE's access control solutions offer customizable activity and exception reporting, allowing you to track and analyze access events based on your specific requirements. Additionally, our systems provide system health monitoring and alerts, enabling proactive maintenance and ensuring the optimal performance of your access control system.

Scalable and Flexible Door Licensing

You can have the freedom to expand and secure your facility without limitations. Our systems offer unlimited door licensing, allowing you to add or modify access points as needed. Whether you have a small office or a sprawling complex in New York City, our scalable solutions can accommodate your evolving security needs, ensuring seamless integration and access control management.

Integration with Video Surveillance and HR Databases

Enhance the effectiveness of your access control system by integrating it with other security systems and databases. Seamlessly integrate with video surveillance systems, providing a comprehensive security solution that combines access control and video monitoring.

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