Lutron Motorized Shades NYC

If you’re thinking about upgrading your home’s window treatments in NYC chances are you’ve thought about Lutron motorized shades.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your home’s window treatments in NYC chances are you’ve thought about Luton motorized shades. While once only considered a luxury service that was priced outside of many homeowners’ budgets, automated shades have become much more cost-effective over the years and even looked upon as an energy saving investment that can increase your home’s value.

While PSE is known as one of the premiere NYC audio visual companies in the area, our approach encompasses all aspects of the modern smart home, including motorized shades that fit your retrofit or new construction home.

Advantages of LUTRON Motorized Shades

You might think of motorized shades as simply shades that move up and down with the click of a button or that they simply just “block out the sun”, but there’s so much more to these shades than that. These are not your parent’s shades with the rope string and plastic handle. Oh, no.

Todays’ automated shades are just as smart as the homes that use them. They require no manual operation, and most of them are self-contained and hidden, which means no choking hazard for children or pets.

Our Lutron shades offer ease of use, safety, and several other benefits to your home and your lifestyle, making it easier and more efficient to control your home’s look and even your energy consumption.

Energy Usage

Use automated shades in NYC to help keep the frigid temperatures of the winter and the intense, reflected heat of the sun off the concrete and buildings out of your home. Integrating with your existing home automation design, these shades are feature-rich and can be configured to raise and lower on a schedule.

These shades not only act as heat deflectors during the hot weather, but they also help warm up your home during the winter. When equipped with temperature sensors, these shades will automatically lower if the room reaches a specified temperature in the summer to cool things down and raise at a specific temperature to allow the natural light to warm your space in the winter.


When used in conjunction with the Lutron lighting system, you can control both the amount of natural light that enters the room and the level of interior lighting using the same keypad. You can even close the blackout shades when the “Goodnight” button is pressed. 


Lutron offers a wide variety of colors and styles for you to choose from when working with us to create your window treatments. Our experienced staff will help you choose from a wide variety of colors, prints, and styles to create smart shades that perfectly fit your home.

The selection doesn’t end with simply what Lutron has to offer, either. Out home automation design approach allows you to choose from a variety of window treatments like motorized roller shades, roman shades, drapery, and even treatments for specialty windows like angled windows, skylights, and outdoor shades. If it’s motorized, we’re your smart home company installers that can bring your vision to life.


We’re one of the best smart home installation companies in NYC, and our installation ensures that you’ll have the best experience. Lutron motorized shades blend in with your home’s décor, require virtually no service, offer energy savings, ease of use and quality that you can count on.

These shades work with all major voice and control systems, including Amazon’s Alexa and, so it’s easy to integrate them seamlessly into your home. Schedule and control your automated shades using your on-wall keypad, smart remote, touchscreen display, or via your custom smartphone app. From controlling one shade to all shades in a room, it’s as simple as taping or swiping.

The Process

At PSE, we provide motorized shades in NYC, and it all starts with a consultation. From there, we’ll determine the best method of integrating the shades into your home automation design, and finally, we’ll install the shades.


This is where it all starts. The best way to help you determine your smart home needs is to actually see your home. If your home is a new construction home that is not built yet, we’ll work with your architect or developer to perfectly map out your all your smart home needs using the most discrete and wireless technologies on the market. We can even schedule a call and hop on Zoom to discuss your needs along with your preferred window treatments and their design and color. From there, we’ll formulate a plan to install your treatments.

The Plan

Because every home is different, every installation plan is different, as well. As a long-time provider of home audio visual installation in NYC, we learned a long time ago that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Homes use different voice and keypad designs, so everything has to be tailor-made to fit each home exactly. We’re committed to doing exactly that, and we won’t begin until we have an entire plan in place that ensures your motorized shades are configured to look great and fit seamlessly with your existing system.


Once everything else in place, we’ll install your new Lutron motorized shades, ensuring the fit is exact and the smart features are fully functioning at full capacity before leaving your home and allowing you a lifetime of beautiful, efficient shades on your windows. As an authorized Lutron dealer and installer, offer years of experience as well as a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and on-going monitoring of your smart home if you choose completely remote.

Home Automation Design for your Windows with Lutron

We’re not one of those NYC smart home companies that swoop in and swoop out. We take the time and effort to ensure your motorized shades are as seamlessly integrated as they are beautiful. Using Lutron automated shades, we’ll help you devise a scheme that fits your home’s style and works with its existing smart features to provide you with beautiful window treatments that are efficient, beautiful, and convenient. 

That’s easy to do with Lutron. They’re a leading company in smart shades, and with so many styles available, there is sure to be one that’s right for you. Let us help you create the windows of your dreams with our experienced staff and one of the best names in automated shades. 

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