When it comes to designing your smart home, the possibilities are endless. From motorized shades to invisible home theater speakers, we work with the industry's top architects and developers to make sure every inch of your home is accounted for from design to installation.

‍The right window treatments can make a world of difference. Imagine changing the mood of your home with the touch of a button. A motorized window treatment installation by PSE can allow you to do just that. These are some of the window treatment solutions we provide:

  • Hidden roller shades
  • Exposed roller shades
  • Romans shades
  • Drapery track
  • Skylight and angled windows

We design and install smart entertainment systems for every occasion, including media rooms, dedicated home theater rooms, outdoor TV’s, hidden TV’s, and outdoor entertainment. Whether you need a simple Media Room or advanced Home Theater, we can handle it.

Discrete and Concealed Solutions
Invisible speakers, veneer matched speakers concealed displays will help with placement of technology and will not compromise overall design

Interact with your home like never before with a fully integrated experience designed just for you. With leading automation brand Savant, our team designs and implements systems including TV entertainment, distributed audio, lights, window treatments, alarm, HVAC and intercom.

Transform the mood of your home with the touch of a button, no matter where you are. Lutron’s lighting control solutions help you create the perfect scene for every occasion.

We’re providing a lighting system that works together. Our approach to make it work not just from control side of things, but make sure that all lighting system components working as a whole. Selecting proper luminaries for your project is very important and time consuming task. Weather you work with your architect or lighting designer we will review specs and provide solution that will work together.

Network is the core of any smart home. Wireless and wired systems. Wi-Fi systems that are secure and fast. Indoor and outdoor. Ability to add backup internet service to your house is no longer a luxury for a connected home. 

Alarm systems to protect your family and home. System connected to a central station for immediate response from authorities. Environmental sensors will report about water leaks or freezing temperatures in your house. 

Surveillance cameras help to monitor property remotely and record events while you at home or away. 

Entry intercoms allow to communicate with visitors remotely and open the door via smart lock. 

Thermostats that integrate with automation system will help reduce the energy and make it more convenient to use away from home.

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