August 15, 2023

Why Professional Audio Visual Installation Matters

"Proper home theater installation involves things like integration, fine-tuning audio, connecting the AV to a home's installed smart controls, and more. These are things that the average homeowner might not think about or even realize can and should be done. "

When people consider installing a new home theater system, they often try to save money by installing that system themselves. While it can seem like professional audio-visual installation might be more of a luxury than a necessity, the truth is that so much more goes into installing AV systems than simply connecting wires. Proper home theater installation involves things like integration, fine-tuning audio, connecting the AV to a home's installed smart controls, and more. These are things that the average homeowner might not think about or even realize can and should be done. 

As a professional audio-visual company specializing in creating the perfect sound and visual experience to our commercial and residential clients, PSE has been providing professional home theater installation to New York City for years. We're a professional company committed to our clients' satisfaction, and part of that is full transparency. We don't try to sell our clients on professional installation to pad our pockets. We encourage professional audio-visual installation to ensure that they get the most out of their systems. So today, we're going to discuss why professional home theater installation matters so much. 

The Importance of Professional Audio-Visual Installation

While installing a home theater system might seem like a simple matter of positioning components and plugging in some wires, there's so much more that actually goes into the process. From initial design to maximize sound quality and saturation to the integration of the system to an existing smart home setup, AV installation requires much more than connecting devices. 


If you're not an audio-visual professional, you might think that planning is simply picking out a television or projector screen and projector, speakers, and cables and simply placing them in the room. It's much more than that. The shape of the room, ceiling height, and a host of other factors have to be considered when planning the AV system. In addition, before the first piece is placed or the first cable is run, final integration into a home's existing smart setup - if it exists - has to be considered, as well. 

Integrated Installation

While you could simply plop a TV down on your stand, hang or stand speakers around the room, set the subwoofer to the side, and call it a day, that’s not really getting the most out of your home theater system. One of the reasons we’ve become such sought-after providers of audio-visual installation in New York City is that we understand how discerning our customers are. When we begin our initial planning phase with the home or business owners, we offer them solutions for the most integrated system possible. 

While some clients may enjoy the techno look of television and speakers on full display, others might want something more understated. That’s where integrated installation comes into play. Our professionals can offer solutions like televisions that, when turned off, look like a painting. When mounted flush to the wall, the television will actually appear to be a painting in a frame when not in use. Other options like ceiling mounts that retract the TV when not in use or architectural speakers that are practically invisible can be implemented to further reduce the impact of the system on a home’s existing aesthetic. 

Sound Quality

Sound quality begins with the right equipment, but it doesn't end there.The first step is creating a tailor-made setup that takes the room's shape and size into account. This is why the planning stage is so important. From there, professional installers will work from the initial plan to place the chosen speakers, subwoofers, television, and other AV components in the perfect spot to maximize viewing and sound fidelity. Next, wires will be run discretely from the main hub to every part of the system, minimizing the visual impact of cables. Finally, software-aided calibrations, sound pressure meters, and final testing and tweaking of speaker locations are used in conjunction with one another to provide the highest fidelity and best sound immersion possible. 

Visual Quality

Did you know that the size of your TV or projection screen can have a major impact on your viewing experience? We're not just talking about a TV that's too small for a room. Many people don't know that visual quality can be impacted if the television or projection screen is too large for the room or too close to the viewing area. These kinds of things are taken into account when we design a space. If you're looking for home theater installation in New York City, it's vital to choose the right television for your space. As we all know, space is at a premium in the Big Apple. During the planning phase, we will help you choose the perfect TV and the perfect size to suit your viewing needs and your available space. 

In addition to size and placement, professional audio-visual installation also includes calibrating the television itself to achieve maximum picture quality. From adjusting the brightness and contrast to fine-tuning the warmth of the picture, all settings are perfectly adjusted to provide the ultimate viewing experience. 

Product Quality

As providers of professional home theater installation in New York City, PSE stays on the cutting edge of sound and video equipment. From the latest 8k technology to the highest fidelity speakers with the lowest profile, we always remain up-to-date on the best of the best in the audio-visual world, including knowing which brands consistently provide the best sound and visual experience day in and day out. 


AV systems can sometimes be complicated, depending on your setup and your level of familiarity with components. Professional integration makes using your new audio-visual system easy by including customizable AV controls and integrating them into your home's existing smart system. With one touch of a button, your TV can rise or lower into the room as the sound system comes on, and the settings calibrate for your chosen entertainment type. With proper professional integration, your blinds can even close while the AV system comes online, making your experience a true one-touch affair. 

Professional Audio-Visual Installation with PSE

If you're looking for professional home theater installation in New York City, PSE is the company you can count on. We started as audiophiles, and we turned that into a business, so we love what we do. We're committed to the best experience possible for each and every client, whether we're installing a massive AV system for a business or a small setup for an apartment. Whatever the need, we can provide exactly what you need. Contact us today, and let's talk about how we can help you achieve the AV setup of your dreams. 

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