February 23, 2024

Let There Be Light: Transform Your NYC Space with Innovative Lighting Solutions

When we say ‘let there be light,’ what we really mean to say is ‘let there be life’ – because that’s what light does for us. It wakes up the room, lifts up our spirits, and opens us up to a world full of positive energy. 

Did you know that Thomas Edison didn’t actually invent the light bulb? In fact, the first incandescent light bulb was invented more than seven decades before Edison received his first patent – which was in 1879. 

While he didn’t invent them, he did improve upon them in ways no one had up until that point. In fact, most incandescent light bulbs before his time would only work for a couple of minutes – if not seconds. 

Then Edison came in and changed the game. 

By 1879, he and his team invented a light bulb that could last 14.5 hours – practical enough to patent, mass produce, and eventually sell. What’s even more incredible is that he did it all in our backyard!

Alright, not exactly, but Edison’s light bulb was invented at his research center (which he dubbed the ‘invention factory’) in Menlo Park, New Jersey – which is just 30 miles away from Brooklyn, New York City.

And now, in 2024, look at how far the light bulb has come. 

We have light bulbs that can last more than 25,000 hours. They’re now brighter than ever before, more energy-efficient than ever before, and more versatile than ever before – and it’s all thanks to Edison. 

Here at PSE Audio-Visual, we take pride in continuing the evolution of one of life’s greatest inventions. Like Edison, we’re not here to invent (or even re-invent) the lightbulb – we’re here to improve upon it.

And here’s how…

Pioneering Design: Lighting That Compliments Your Space

The first step in finding the right lighting solution for your NYC space doesn’t actually have anything to do with the light – it has to do with the fixture. And believe it or not, the fixture is just as important as the rest. 

There are several things we take into account when determining the right design for your fixture.

Size (height and weight). Clearance (how low it hangs). Location (what room is it for). Color, material, finishes – the list goes on. We even consider where the light switch is going and how many bulbs it has.

At the end of the day, our job is to make sure your new lights help bring out the best in your space – not the opposite. We not only want them to be useful, but also beautiful – a conversation starter, if you will.

Adjustable Ambience: Setting the Perfect Mood

When we say ‘let there be light,’ what we really mean to say is ‘let there be life’ – because that’s what light does for us. It wakes up the room, lifts up our spirits, and opens us up to a world full of positive energy. 

Regarding the light inside your home, there are five primary kinds: 

  • Ambient Lighting - also known as general lighting, it helps illuminate the space and acts as the primary source of light, especially in the absence of natural light.
  • Task Lighting - this type of lighting is used when you want to brighten up a specific area of the room for a specific purpose, such as a reading lamp next to a recliner.
  • Accent Lighting - similar to task lighting, but used more for decorative purposes, such as wall sconces, floodlights, recessed lights, torchère lamps, or track lighting.
  • Dimmable Lighting - rooms tend to serve different purposes during different times of the day, so being able to dim your lights when needed is a key component of any solution.
  • Natural Lighting - this is the type of light that comes from the sun and usually peaks in through a window. Shades and curtains help you personalize its overall effect. 

Every room is different. Some need to be as bright as possible, some need to be a little more intimate, and some need to be versatile. In fact, most rooms will end up having a combination of ambient, task, accent, dimmable, and natural lights – if not all five. It all comes down to your personal preference. 

Don’t worry – PSE Audio-Visual will help you determine what’s best for every inch of your NYC home. 

Eco-Friendly: Shining a Light on Sustainability 

Did you know lighting accounts for nearly 10% of the total energy your home consumes every month? It doesn’t sound like a lot, at least not compared to your HVAC unit (46%), but it certainly adds up over time. 

With electricity rates in NYC as high as 23 cents per kilowatt-hour and most homes in the area consuming around 600 kWh per month, most Brooklyn residents are paying around $150 every month – if not more. 

What if we told you there was a way to reduce that bill? 

If lighting accounts for 10% of total energy spent, then you’re spending about $15 per month on lighting alone – though that number is realistically above $20 (or $240 per year). Investing in energy-efficient lighting could help you save $5, $10, or even $15 per month. In a city like NYC, that makes a difference.

At PSE Audio-Visual, we’ll always put our clients in a position to save some of their hard-earned money.

Smart Lighting: Modern Solutions for the Modern Home

We’ve got the design, we know how bright it should be, we’re saving you money, and all that’s left to do is add a little modern, technological pizzazz to bring it all together, because it’s 2024, and that’s what we do.

So, what is smart lighting? 

Smart lighting gives you full control of your lighting solutions – allowing you to personalize your space with the touch of a button. Whether you’re using a wall-mounted tablet or your phone, your fingers control it all.

You can program the lights to turn on and off (or dim) at certain times of the day. You can have preset settings for certain activities, like movie night. And you can monitor their energy consumption all day long. 

You can even take it a step further.

At PSE Audio-Visual, we can even integrate your smart lighting with the rest of your smart home – such as your motorized shades, thermostat, cameras, smoke detectors, plugs, garage, locks, and much more.

PSE Audio-Visual: The Future Never Seemed So Bright!

Do you feel like your home is dark, depressing, and unmotivating? Do you often feel like taking a nap the second you walk into your home – even if you’re not tired? Are your lights lacking that ‘wow’ factor? 

Don’t worry – PSE Audio-Visual is your light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ve been serving the Brooklyn, New York City area for more than 13 years, and we must say – we never get tired of it. While originally founded as strictly an audio-visual company, we’ve expanded our horizons to better align ourselves with the vision Thomas Edison and those before him laid out for us.

PSE is your one-stop shop for customizing and improving your NYC space – whether it be the lighting, audio-visual systems, HVAC control, motorized shades, smart home automation, surveillance systems, home theatre setups, or whatever your heart desires. Contact us today at (347) 460-4590 for a quote!

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