August 13, 2022

The Biggest Motorized Window Treatment Myths

"Motorized window treatments are an excellent way to add value and convenience to your home."

Motorized window treatments are an excellent way to add value and convenience to your home, but there are a few common motorized window treatment myths out there that tend to steer people away from using them. Once you see just how wrong these myths are, you might start rethinking those smart blinds you were considering.

Motorized Window Treatment Myths

If you’ve been in a home with motorized blinds or other window treatments, you’ve probably been impressed with their look. They’re elegant and sophisticated, adding a level of sleek luxuriousness that you just can’t get with other window treatments.

However, you probably heard that they’re too expensive or don’t come in a variety of styles.You might even have heard that they’re complicated. None of these things are true. Elegance and sophistication are just a couple of the benefits of motorized window treatments. Why deny that to yourself because of misinformation? Let’s talk about the most prevalent motorized window treatment myths.

They’re Complicated

This is a myth that we believe started with a grain of truth. Yes, installing motorized window treatments can be complicated. It requires professional experience to get the best installation and outcome.

That being said, operating motorized window treatments is anything but complicated. Most window treatments of this can be integrated with your existing smart home setup and be operated via keypad, remote, or both.

Your Windows are Too Big

There is almost no scenario in which windows are too big for motorized window treatments. For example, motorized shades in NYC, Miami, and other large cities are used in large buildings with huge windows. The treatments can be either made to custom sizes, or in the case of an entire wall of windows, be placed end to end over each individual window panel. You’ll always be able to get the shades or blinds that you need to fit your windows.

They’re Loud

This is one of the most prevalent and patently untrue window treatment myths out there. Perhaps this common misconception dates back to a time with less advanced hardware or cheaply made blinds. In any case, high-quality motorized window treatments are extremely quiet and work in almost complete silence no matter their style, design, or material.

They Have a Limited Style Choice

This was actually a fact several years ago when motorized treatments first became available. However, over time, that changed. However, the misconception about this style limitation hasn’t. The truth is that motorized window treatments come in as many sizes, styles, and patterns as any other window treatment options.  

They’re Dangerous to Pets and Children

This is a case of thinking that all blinds are the same. Another of the more common window treatment myths, the idea that motorized treatments are dangerous to children and pets, actually comes from manual blinds.

Motorized window treatments are incredibly safe for children and pets because they do away with the one thing that makes traditional blinds so hazardous – the rope pull. Traditional shades have a rope pull that is often made of two lengths of braided rope which presents a choking hazard to children and pets. Motorized window treatments don’t have that. In fact, they’re self-contained and the mechanism that moves them is at the top, well away from any young child’s reach.

Maintenance is Difficult

Maintenance is not difficult in the slightest. When made with quality materials and installed correctly, motorized window treatments only need a simple weekly wipe-down to keep them free of dust.

They’re Too Expensive

Again, this is one of the most common motorized window treatment myths that began as partly true. Like any other new technology, window treatments were expensive when they first came onto the market. However, that’s changed.

Think about the smartphone you’re holding. There was a time when the most powerful desktop computer was as powerful – or maybe even less powerful – than your phone, and they cost an arm and a leg.

Much like other technologies, motorized window treatments may have started out pricey wayback when, but now, they’re incredibly affordable. That’s because these treatments now work with almost all smart home solutions, they’re less expensive to produce, and the entire process has been streamlined. Treatments like this may have once been out of reach, but now they’re a possibility for almost everyone.

Debunking Motorized Window Treatment Myths

Now that we’ve debunked these most common motorized window treatment myths, it’s time to ask yourself what you want to do with your windows. If you’ve been putting off getting motorized shades in NYC and the surrounding area, there’s no better time than now to reconsider now that you know what’s what.

Give us a call, and we can schedule a consultation to discuss any and all questions and concerns you have about getting motorized window treatments.

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