August 24, 2023

The Benefits of Access Control Systems

"In the unfortunate event of an accident, theft, or another such event, you'll know exactly who accessed a particular area of your facility at the time of an incident with access control systems.".

The importance of tight security for business, medical, research, municipal, and religious facilities cannot be overstated. No matter what kind of facility you have, you're probably thinking of the best way to keep it secure. Keeping your security on point keeps your data, equipment, and personnel safe, which is why its of utmost importance. One way to maintain excellent security is with access control systems. Today, we're talking about the benefits of access control systems in NYC and how they can help keep your facility safe and secure. 

What is an access control system? 

An access control system allows or restricts entry to a building, a room, or a particular area. It's an electronically powered physical security system that uses some form of an access panel for entry. The panel can be as simple as a security keypad or card swipe system or as complicated as a fingerprint scanner. No matter what kind of system is installed, it guards against entry with a powerful locking mechanism that will only open when the proper code is entered, the proper card is swiped, or the correct finger is scanned. 

Benefits of Access Control Systems

The benefits of access control systems range from safety to convenience. These systems can make life more convenient for personnel, save money over the years, and, of course, keep your facility secure. Whether you're a business owner considering upgrading to an access control system or an administrator looking to increase security, we're talking about how access control systems can help you. 

Increased Security

The traditional method of security is locks on doors. Of course, locks require keys. The larger the facility, the more locks - and more keys - are required. Eventually, this can lead to a janitor or high-clearance individual walking around with a bulky keyring loaded with various keys. These keys have to be cycled through, memorized, or labeled in some way for use. With so many keys, it can be easy to lose track of one or two of them. In addition, it's incredibly easy to duplicate a key. If an employee or individual with access keys loses one or doesn't turn it in, you're left with having to change that particular lock. 

One of the major benefits of access control systems is doing away with this lock and key system. Rather than using keys that can be misplaced or duplicated, your facility will have an access panel that can only be activated by the proper code, keycard swipe, or scan, vastly improving the security of the facility. 


Let's continue with the keyring example. High-clearance personnel in a facility with traditional lock and key systems have to lug around keychains that can be quite large and cumbersome if the facility is large or has many secure locations. Personnel either have to memorize the keys, label them, or cycle through them every time they need to enter a secure area. With an access control system, it's quick and easy to access restricted areas for personnel, creating convenience for them and fewer headaches for the person in charge. 

Saving Money

Over time, access control systems can save your facility money. No more locks and keys have to be purchased, and an access control system can verify a person's identity without the need for extra security personnel. In addition, access control systems can be integrated into an existing or new smart installation, allowing lighting, heating, and cooling systems to come online when people are in a room and shut down when they leave. Temperatures can also be adjusted when there are no personnel in the area to further reduce costs. 

Keep Track of Personnel

Access control systems provide information on who enters and exits a building or secure area in your facility and when that entry occurs. In the unfortunate event of an accident, theft, or another such event, you'll know exactly who accessed a particular area of your facility at the time of the incident in question. 

Increased Productivity

Another of the major benefits of access control systems is increased productivity. With these systems, employees and other personnel can complete their tasks whenever they need to. People can come in early or stay late without the need to wait for someone to unlock a door, and managers don't have to stay late to lock up. Employees will benefit from the ability to take advantage of flexible schedules, and you'll benefit from the increased productivity that this increased freedom provides. 

Theft Prevention

From physical equipment to valuable personnel and technology information, access control systems can drastically reduce theft. Health information, financial records, client data, and other sensitive information are usually stored in on-site servers. With access control systems, only trusted personnel have access to IT rooms, individual computers, or certain networks. 

In the same way, access control systems also help prevent physical theft. By limiting access to equipment, office supplies, chemicals, and other expensive or sensitive items to personnel who need them, the opportunity for theft is drastically reduced. 

Access to Multiple Locations

Whether your facility has several buildings in one location or buildings in various locations, an access control system allows for the correct personnel to access the correct parts of any building in any location. With traditional locks, multiple buildings or sites can become a snarl. Personnel may require different keys for different parts of one or more buildings or sites. However, with an access control system, one code, keycard, or scan gives personnel access to the appropriate building or area, no matter where it is. 

Safe and Secure Worship

It's an unfortunate reality that these days, our places of worship are not the safe havens that they used to be. Security access systems allow worship centers, sanctuaries, and spiritual centers to balance security and accessibility for their parishioners or those they serve through community outreach. For example, schools, daycare areas, and offices can remain secure while the rest of the facility is open to the public. 

Discover the Benefits of Access Control Systems in NYC for Yourself

If you have a business of any kind, worship center, community outreach center, or any other such facility, why not consider the benefits of access control systems in NYC? At PSE, we've been providing increased security to facilities in the NYC area for years through our professionally installed, highly secure access control system. We're always at the forefront of security systems and technologies, and we can help you keep your facility secure and safe. Schedule a consultation with us, and let's talk about how we can help keep your facility safe and secure. 

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