November 15, 2022

Smart Home Automation Specialists in NYC

"Smart home specialist help maximize profits for architects and designers by avoiding logistic issues later in the project. "

Architects and interior designers are the backbone of every new construction build or residential or industrial redesign – so are smart home automation specialists. Unfortunately, many designers and architects neglect automation when making their initial plans which can lead to costly delays further into the project.

Today, we’re talking about how smart home automation specialists can maximize profit margins for architects and interior designers by helping them take home automation into account from the start and making the design, construction and implementation process easier and more efficient in the long run.

Why Smart Home Specialists are Key to Successful Projects

Every new construction or remodeling project begins with an architect and usually an interior designer. Architects are essential for ensuring that new buildings are structurally sound and flow correctly and that redesigns maintain their structural integrity and have improved flow. Interior designers help make these new spaces inviting and comfortable.

On the surface, it probably seems like all the bases are covered with this combo, however, one crucial component is missing in today’s modern construction and redesigns landscape – smart home automation installation.

On the residential side of things, more and more people are opting for smart home technology in their new or remodeled homes, asking for everything from automated shades to smart appliances and thermostats, and all of it has to be seamlessly integrated. Industrial applications can also include automatic shades and smart thermostats along with audio visual installations, as well.

Many architects and designers will take the approach of laying out their designs first and then overlaying smart home installation, but this is a mistake. Smart home and industrial applications are just as involved and nuanced as construction and interior design, and if all three aren’t designed and created in tandem, it can lead to delays that can be disastrous to the project’s bottomline.

Repercussions of Lack of Smart Installation Planning 

New construction, remodeling, and renovation projects all begin with proper planning, and failure to include smart home specialists as part of that planning can have consequences down the line. Relegating smart technology installation and integration to something that can be dealt with down the line can lead to:

·      Underbidding: Bidding on a project without an understanding the true cost of installation and integration of smart technology can result in a bid that’s too low and a smaller profit margin.

·      Overbidding: Overestimating the cost of smart installation and integration can cause companies to bid too high, resulting in lost projects.

·      Reputation Hit: Problems with smart installation and integration can lead to missing the completion window of a project which can impact a company’s reputation.

·      Costly Alterations: If a company didn’t consult a smart home specialist while designing a new build or a renovation, they may have to rip out work that’s already been done to accommodate the smart features promised to the home owner or company.

Why Smart Home Automation Specialists are the Right Choice

We understand that most construction companies, architects and even interior designers have a pool of trusted contractors that they use on their projects. These include everything from electricians to appliance installers. It can seem like a step backward to retain the services of a smart home automation specialist when there’s an existing pool of trusted partners to choose from. However, smart technology and AV installation is far different from standard electrical work and appliance installation.

·      Smart home applications use low-voltage systems that most electricians aren’t familiar with. This can lead to using the wrong equipment or installation methods.

·      Architects and electricians don’t have the smart technology experience to effectively incorporate smart home automation into their overall design plan.

·      Architects, electricians, and designers aren’t always familiar with the latest smart home equipment and solutions, which can result in using outdated equipment.

·      Full-service smart home installation companies can offer excellent dealer discounts on equipment which lowers the overall installation and integration cost of the project.

PSE Audio Visual – The NYC Smart Home Automation Specialists

New York is full of audio visual and smart home companies. They’re everywhere. However, we’re not all created equal. PSE Audio Visual has decades of experience in the smart home installation and integration industry, and we work closely with our architect, designer, and homeowner partners to create, install, and integrate smart home solutions efficiently and effectively.

From the early stages of design to the final steps of integration and testing, PSE Audio Visual helps ensure that the smart solutions requested by your client integrate seamlessly into your architectural and design plans. Schedule a consultation with us, and let us help you make your project as quick and efficient as possible.

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