November 4, 2022

Smart Home Automation Installation in NYC

"Smart homes are designed to do everything efficiently and effortlessly through a network that connects almost anything a client wants or need."

If you’re looking for a NYC smart home automation installation specialist in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the surrounding area's, then you’ll need to know a few things. The smart home industry has exploded over the past several years, and with it has come a ton of choice and variety.

Unfortunately, not all installers are created equal. Like any industry, the smart home installation and integration sector has its share of companies that don’t make the grade, either through lack of experience or just being unscrupulous, so it’s important to do your homework.

What Smart Home Companies Do

Smart home companies design, install, and integrate full smart home automation systems for their clients. But what does that actually mean? Smart homes are designed to do everything efficiently and effortlessly through a network that connects almost anything a client wants or need.

Consider everyone’s favorite voice command service, Alexa. On its own Alexa can answer questions and look up information, but when connected to something like a washing machine, refrigerator, or oven, it can do everything from set temperatures and cycles to power devices on and off. However, it doesn’t stop there. Those are just smart devices, not smart homes.

Smart homes are fully connected, and that’s where smart home companies come in. Smart home companies specialize in fully integrating smart devices into an overall smart scheme. It begins with design, then moves on to wiring, placement, command integration, and finally testing.

When it’s all said and done a smart home installation company can integrate audio, visual, CCTV, door locks, smart appliance, motorized shades, and more into one cohesive home that makes almost anything controllable with a touch or your voice.

NYC Smart Home Installation

Smart home installation begins with a consultation. We’ll need to see your home, hear your ideas, and get a good feel for your desired outcome, so we can successfully make a plan, design a plan, install, and integrate your smart home.

From there, we’ll begin the process beginning with wiring, installation, and the basic groundwork of the design. Along the way, we’ll stay in constant communication with you to ensure everything you want is included. We’ll help you choose the right appliances, fixtures, security, window treatments, or whatever you need and install it in a way that makes for easy, reliable use.

If you’re located anywhere near Brooklyn, Manhattan, Connecticut, West Chester and the surrounding areas, then give us a call. We’re the NYC smart home automation installation specialists that can give you the results you want efficiently and with the assurance that every person working on your project is well-trained, experienced, and ready to get the job done right the first time.

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