March 4, 2024

Escape the Ordinary: Turn Your NYC Home into a Cinematic Wonderland With a Home Theater by PSE

Movie theaters today aren’t what they used to be, but that’s why so many people are electing to bring that experience home with them.

Remember when going to the movie theater was the ‘hip’ thing to do? Now, I’m not saying those days are behind us, but it’s certainly not as popular as it once was – even in populous areas, like New York City.

Ticket prices are still high, concession prices are astronomical, and people can be very inconsiderate. 

I went to a movie theater not that long ago, and it cost $15 to get in – for one person. By the time I sat down in my seat, I spent another $25+ on popcorn, a drink, candy, and nachos – still, just one person. And to cap it all off, I was surrounded by an obnoxious audience who talked through the whole movie.

Not exactly the Friday night I was hoping for. 

And I know I’m not alone in my assessment. 

Movie theaters today aren’t what they used to be, but that’s why so many people are electing to bring that experience home with them. And with technology more affordable than ever, now is the perfect time to start designing your very own home theater – that way, every night can be a movie night, free of charge!

Here’s how we can help you make that dream a reality!

The Visuals: Immerse Yourself in Visual Splendor

Alright, you have two primary options here – a television or a projector. If you have a big room and want a large screen to compensate, then go with a projector. If you care more about picture quality, go with a TV.

Either way, make sure you satisfy the following: 

  • 4K or 8K high-definition displays ONLY
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible
  • Refresh rate of 120Hz
  • Easy connectivity to other devices
  • Lamp life (for projectors only)

Finding a healthy balance between size and picture quality is your best bet. You want it big enough that it feels like you’re in the movie, but not so big that it strains the eyes and takes away from the quality. Don’t worry – our experts at PSE Audio-Visual will help you pick the perfect display for all your favorite movies.

The Audio: Surround Yourself With Quality Sound

You’ve got the visuals down, now let’s secure the sound. I mean, let’s be honest – one of the coolest things about being at the movie theater is the rumble in the ground from the obnoxiously loud speakers. 

The question is – what will your home theater sound like? 

A soundbar can certainly help, but if you want true surround sound quality, then you’ll need a center channel speaker (for dialogue), a set of bookshelf and satellite speakers, and subwoofers (for depth). 

You also have the option to choose speakers that are built into the wall (or even the ceiling), or speakers that stand on the floor. A combination of these can help add a sense of character to your home theater.

The Environment: Setting the Right Mood

Walking into a movie theater is a vibe – there’s a certain energy that illuminates throughout the room. I mean, come on, don’t you want to mimic that feeling you get when the lights dim and the previews start?

At PSE, we can help you achieve this in two ways:

  • Lighting Solutions – dimmable lights that you can control from your phone or smarthub device. You can even create a ‘Movie Night’ presetting to ensure the right vibe is just a click away.
  • Motorized Shades – you can also program that presetting to close your motorized shades, further signaling that the movie’s about to start. And just like that, no more glare on the screen!

The right mood is crucial for the ultimate home theater experience, and it's often the subtlest touches that make the biggest difference. With proper lighting, your movie room will look more like a movie theater.

The Intelligence: The Future of Entertainment

Preparing for movie night shouldn’t be a chore, but that’s often the case when trying to capture the perfect mood. The speakers need to be adjusted – the lights dimmed, shades closed, and temperature changed.

What if we said there was an easier way? 

Better yet, what if it was as easy as saying, “Alexa, movie night.”

With smart home technology, that’s very much possible.

All it takes is those three words (or the touch of a button, if you go that route), and your room starts transforming. The shades start closing. The lights start dimming. The surround sound system turns on. And your TV automatically opens the Netflix app. Without lifting a finger, movie night has commenced.

The Comfortability: Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy

Alright, the only thing left is the seating – after all, you’re not going to watch this movie standing up! The seating (whether it be a recliner or sofa) is the final piece that brings the entire home theater together. 

Just don’t get one that’s too comfy, or you might fall asleep!

Here are some things to keep in mind when finding the right seating: 

  • Seating with adjustable positions is always clutch
  • Make sure the seating isn’t too far from or too close to the TV
  • Minimize unwanted glares by optimizing the viewing angles
  • Find a sofa or chair that matches the overall vibe of the room
  • A sofa with built-in cup holders and/or USB ports is always a plus
  • Some sofas even have built-in speakers to help with surround sound

Choosing the sofa is just as crucial as any other home theater component. It’s also a big ticket item, so make sure you do your research and always test the couch out before purchasing (if possible, of course).

PSE: Helping NYC Create the Ultimate Cinematic Haven

Are you tired of spending north of $100 to take the family to the movies? Are you ready to move that movie theater experience to your home? Do you want full control over your family movie night? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Welcome to PSE Audio-Visual – New York City’s No. 1 audio-visual installer. 

Whether you're dreaming of a cozy movie haven or an expansive cinematic experience that rivals any movie theater, our expert team is dedicated to crafting a personalized space that exceeds your wildest expectations. Don’t settle for ordinary – contact us today to see how we can turn your dream into a reality.

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