September 11, 2022

Better Climate Control with Motorized Shades

"With motorized shades, we can enjoy better climate control by using sun and shade to our advantage."

Summers can be scorchers, and winters can be frigid. From the blazing highs of peak summer weather to the deep freezes of the dead of winter, climate control keeps us all comfortable through the ups and downs of the seasons. With motorized shades, we can enjoy better climate control by using sun and shade to our advantage.

Better Climate Control

During the summer months, both the ambient temperature of the air and the powerful sun can make a home feel like it’s boiling. The AC has to be kicked into overdrive to keep up with the heat, and that can cause huge spikes in our energy bills.

The winter is just another side of the same coin. The plunging temperatures can leave your home with a permanent chill if you don’t make sure your heat can keep up. And what does that mean for your energy bills? That’s right, spikes.

Motorized shades in NYC and other big cities can help control both the direct heat from the sun and the equally powerful reflected heat that you can experience in urban areas. They can also help block out the powerful sun and high temperatures of rural areas in hot locations. In the same way, they can help reduce the intrusion of cold into the home, as well. And it can all be done with the touch of a button.

Better Climate Control Convenience

Many owners consider luxury, style, and convenience when they think of choosing motorized shades. What they rarely think about is the better climate control that these window treatments can offer, which is only one of the many benefits of motorized shades.

Convenience and savings combine with motorized shades. By blocking the sun in the summer and harnessing its power in the winter, you can maximize your energy efficiency. And thanks to the convenience of automation, voice activation, your smart home’s app, and wall-mounted keypads, you can do it all with convenience and ease.

Keeping Your Home Cool in the Summer

In areas like NYC, Miami, and other major cities, it’s not just the sun that increases the heat in your home, it’s the reflected heat from the concrete surrounding your home. In rural areas that experience high summer temperatures like the south or southwest, the heat itself is oppressive. Using motorized shades helps insulate your home from that heat.

Open your shades in the morning before the hottest part of the day arrives and enjoy the natural light without increasing the load on your home’s AC system. Then, as the sun and temperatures rise, simply lower the shades to block the excess heat and the direct sunlight that can drastically increase your home’s temperature and the work that your AC system has to do to keep up with it.  

Keeping Your Home Warm in the Winter

During the winter months, the sun can be just as bright, but it can be used to your advantage. The cold weather of the winter months can seep into your home through your windows. Even the most energy efficient windows can allow some cold weather in.

Keep your shades down to block out excess cold from the ambient temperature outside of your windows. Then, when the sun is strongest, raise your blinds and allow those rays to stream into your home, helping to increase the temperature and decrease the amount of work that you heating system must do.

Better Climate Control and No Energy Spikes

Using motorized shades offers better climate control in both the summer and winter. Raise and lower your shades either manually or using timers to block out the blazing sun in the summer and harness its power in the winter to keep your home cooler in the hot months and warmer in the cold months.

By utilizing your smart home’s technology in conjunction with motorized shades, you can enjoy better climate control, and depending your shade usage, eliminate or drastically reduce your energy spikes. So if you’re considering getting motorized shades, be sure to give us a call or book a FREE consultation with us as we are a top audio visual installation company in NYC, Miami and the surrounding cities!

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