August 29, 2022

All the Options for Controlling Motorized Shades

"Controlling Motorized Shades Has Never Been Easier"

Controlling motorized shades is easier than it’s ever been. There was a time when you only had one option to control your shades. Back then, it was considered top of the line, but these days, it’s far easier and more convenient to control your shades anytime, anywhere.

Controlling Motorized Shades Your Way

Whether you lead a super-hectic life or are home most of the time, it’s always easy to control your shades. From pre-set times and remote control for motorized shades in NYC or other busy areas to simply putting your shades on a timer or controlling them from another room for convenience’s sake no matter where you live, it's easier than ever to do it.

Smartphone App

If your motorized shades are integrated into your smart home automation, you can easily and quickly control your window treatments through the app on your smartphone. With a touch of a button, you can adjust any or all of your shades, and you can do it from anywhere.

Voice Control

Voice control has become a huge part of home automation, and luckily, most motorized shade companies are taking that into account. If your smart home setup is programmed for use with Amazon Alexa, Siri, or another such voice control technology, then it should be easy to control your shades using just your voice.

Using your existing voice control technology, you can ask that your shades are lowered in specific rooms, set specific times to adjust your shades, and more.  

On-Wall Keypad

On-wall keypads may be the original home automation solution, but they’re still a very popular one. Often times, these keypads are used in conjunction with apps or voice control for a fully customizable experience. Keypad control is excellent when entering or leaving the home, allowing you to adjust your shades even if your phone is in your pocket.

Preset Scheduling

If you love the idea of setting and forgetting your shades, then preset schedules are for you. If you have a set daily routine that rarely varies, this option allows you to set your shades exactly the way you want them and then simply let your home automation do its thing.

Controlling Motorized Shades Has Never Been Easier

Whether you’re adjusting motorized shades in NYC to mimic someone being home or out in the heartland just controlling your home’s energy usage, it’s easier than ever to control your motorized window treatments.

With today’s technology, you’ll be able to use most or all of the above methods to easily and conveniently control your shades anytime, anywhere.

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