September 5, 2023

9 Advantages of a Security System for Home and Commercial Use

"In general, most insurance companies offer lower premiums for policies that cover water damage, fire, or break-ins when a monitored security system is in place."

The advantages of a security system for home or commercial use are significant. From immediate deterrence, thanks to the visibility of cameras to increased security through sensors, video monitoring, and archived footage, a security or surveillance system can help home or business owners keep their property secure. This security is important in any location, however, here in the greater New York City area, it's vital. Our city is a great one, but like any metropolitan area, it has its share of issues. A security system in NYC can provide a vital layer of protection to both home and business owners. So today, we're talking about the advantages of a security system. 

Advantages of a Security System

Whether you have a home, apartment, or business, a security or surveillance system - or a system that combines the two - offers several layers of protection. Through the use of sensors, cameras, CCTV, and real-time monitoring, a security or surveillance system can offer 24-hour protection. At PSE, we've been providing security system installation in NYC and the surrounding area as well as the Miami, Florida area. In that time, we've helped all kinds of clients from residential homeowners to million-dollar businesses secure their properties. So let's talk about the advantages of a security system for your property.

Increased Security

Of course, the first benefit of a security system in Miami or NYC is overall increased security. A security system with a surveillance component will have cameras, offering a layer of immediate deterrence thanks to the visibility of the security cameras. Along with that, the sensors, monitoring, and CCTV if you elect to install them for your home or business offer a multi-layered increase in security. 

Reduced Insurance Costs

Did you know that insurance companies typically offer lower premiums to home or business owners who have a security system installed? The presence of video surveillance cameras immediately reduces the insurer's risk against a payout to your home or business, and oftentimes, this can result in a lower premium payment. In general, most insurance companies offer lower premiums for policies that cover water damage, fire, or break-ins when a monitored security system is in place.

Protecting Residents or Workers

Whether you have a business or a system for your home, video surveillance cameras can help you protect your loved ones or workers quite effectively.Video surveillance systems can immediately alert homeowners or business owners in the event of an incident that can be chosen by the user. Fire, flood, break-in, and other such triggers can be input into the system for immediate alert. 

Easier Integrations

Digital home surveillance systems used in conjunction with a security system can be integrated into existing smart solutions in a home or business more easily than analog systems. In addition, that integration allows for easier control over the system itself as well as easier, faster, and more convenient footage retrieval should something happen on the property. 

Remote Monitoring

Whether you're installing a security system in NYC or the Miami area, you'll benefit from easily accessible remote monitoring. With a highly integrated digital system, both home and business owners can quickly and easily check in on their property anywhere in the world with their mobile devices, laptops, or tablets. This offers more control and peace of mind on a day-to-day basis. 

Monitor Ongoing Issues and Events

Whether there's an incident occurring outside the home while a resident is away or there are ongoing projects taking place inside a business, video surveillance offers easy monitoring of any event on the property where the system is installed as well as playback footage. 

Multi-Layered Security

Cameras installed inside and outside of buildings; door, window, and motion sensors; and real-time monitoring all come together to create a multi-layered system that provides the highest possible level of security for a home or business. From the immediate visual deterrence of cameras on the exterior of the building to sensors on every entry point as well as other interior areas, a security system like the ones offered by PSE make it almost impossible for criminals to do their dirty work. 

Evidence Collection 

In the event that a criminal decides the risk of entering your home or business might be worth the reward, evidence collection is one of the huge advantages of a security system in NYC or Miami. Should a criminal enter your property, the archived footage will be paramount in the capture and conviction of the offenders. 

Reduced Costs and Increased Scalability 

One of the major advantages of a security system for business owners is reduced costs and increased scalability. Traditional analog security systems require both a coaxial and power cable, and both have to be run from every camera back to the video storage device. With digital systems, the power and video run over one cable, and that cable can be run to a nearby POE switch rather than all the way back to the main hub. 

Both of these reduce costs, however, there's another reduction in cost, as well - less manpower. With more scaling and easier integration, the need for security personnel is reduced. Your cameras will do the work that security personnel used to do through their security routes. 

PSE Offers All the Advantages of a Security System in One Place

PSE is a leader in home security systems in NYC and Miami. Our technical knowledge allows us to install the most advanced security systems and surveillance systems - or a system that integrates both - quickly and efficiently. We then integrate that system into your home or business's existing smart setup to allow for easy access, control, and monitoring of your system. 

If you've been considering upgrading your security system in the greater NYC area or Miami, schedule a consultation with us. We'll walk you through the process. Then, we'll develop a security system installation plan that works best for your property. 

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