June 8, 2022

4 Ways AV Systems Can Enhance Your Company Culture

"In a modern workplace, nothing best embodies these elements than advanced audio-visual technology."

Companies have values, habits, and practices which are usually reflected in everyday interactions and activities between employees and clients. These values, habits, and practices make up what is known as company culture. They are typically the product of a carefully crafted document which itself would be an offshoot of the company's mission and objectives. This document not only defines how the company wants to be seen by employees but also by its clients and partners.

Company culture is very important and can easily be one of the company's greatest assets if properly implemented. Done right, it could define how an employee feels when they walk through the door in the morning. Do they feel bored and uninspired or energetic and pumped up? Research has shown that companies with effective company culture stand a better chance of being performance leaders, which is 3.7% more than their competitors. With an effective company culture, employee retention and productivity gets a boost.

You might want to ask, what is the relationship between company culture and audio-visual installations? Coming up with a comprehensive company culture document is not often as difficult as the process of implementing company culture. How do you get employees to bring the vision to life and what role can AV Systems play in this?

AV Systems And Company Culture

The concept of using advanced audio-visual technology in the implementation of company culture is not a strange one, even if not all companies have tapped into the secret yet. A strong company culture is often a result of elements such as effective communication and collaboration. In a modern workplace, nothing best embodies these elements than advanced audio-visual technology. This is even more necessary in today's world of on-site and remote work. Modern solutions can be designed to help everyone— employees and clients— stay on the same page regardless of their location. Equally important is the culture of engagement this can bring to the workforce. Low volume of engagement amongst employees is notorious for its toll on efficiency and productivity, with one study putting the loss to the global economy at $8.1 trillion annually. To keep morale high, employees need to understand the importance of their roles at the company, as well as the company itself. It will also increase profitability, as well-engaged and motivated employees smoothens internal business procedures and better customer service. Audio-visual installations to build or upgrade your conference room, huddle rooms, and auditorium solutions can give you the right tools to boost company culture and increase employee commitment in a work landscape that is increasingly becoming digital. Let's look in detail at how AV technology can be used to improve your work environment.

1. Display Employee Achievements

The concept of work is evolving and with it human resources practices. It is now more important than ever that the employee is made to feel appreciated and wanted by the company they work for. While old school managers may not agree with this, all progressive-minded organizations are aware of the advantages of employee appreciation— especially that which goes beyond or is not only limited to remuneration. As a matter of fact, recent studies have shown that recognition and praise can help foster a positive work atmosphere and help employees feel motivated to aspire to certain standards of productivity.

In this case, companies can install AV systems such as digital displays, prominently placed to intermittently highlight individual and team achievements and landmarks. Such strategies can help deepen company culture, promote healthy competition, boost morale, and enhance productivity.

2. Create Ideal Work Conditions To Lessen Fatigue

Those days are gone when a financial benefit was the only thing that mattered when people looked for work. These days, a safe and healthy work environment is considered just as important, if not more important than financial benefits. We've talked about the importance of interpersonal communication and how audio-visual installations can be of huge help to companies, but the same applies to the physical workspace. Many may not know this, but the physical appearance and makeup of the workplace can contribute to the propensity to which an employee will suffer from burnout or fatigue. Audio-visual integration experts can help companies understand which particular technologies can be deployed to improve the physical outlook of the workplace as it affects the employee's mood. For example, lighting. Lighting can significantly affect a person's mood as it impacts the human circadian system. Knowing which type of lighting combinations to install and at which time, will significantly boost employee retention and productivity. The best solution would be to install lighting that automatically adjusts itself according to temperature and weather.

3. Create Huddle Rooms For Better Collaboration And FasterProblem Solving

Open office is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular in New York and indeed globally, but this does not take anything away from the need for spaces in the workplace where employees can collaborate freely and without hurdles. Every busy company needs that little place where teams can interact privately and do focus work in order to create solutions to problems faster than they would in a normal space. Audio-visual integrators have suggested huddle rooms for such needs. Huddle rooms are essentially secluded spaces that can take anything from4 to 6 persons at a time. The space is usually fitted with chairs, a central table, a monitor, an interactive display, and a video conferencing tool of the company's choice or as suggested by the AV professional. Whenever the need arises for groups to quickly converge and brainstorm to fix a situation, the huddle room can be called into action. Huddle rooms help to create a company culture of inclusion and help accomplish focused work.

4. Share Important News And Company Announcements

Company goals, employee attitude, and self-image are some of the elements that make up a winning company culture. If you want this culture to be implemented properly, the company’s leadership must place it at the forefront at all times. This includes the verbiage used when communicating internally with employees.

That said, digital signage is a pretty effective way to develop your company culture the way you imagined and designed it. These displays can be used in line with company goals and brand elements to keep employees abreast of developments in the workplace and enhance teamwork.

For example, placing signage in a vantage position where employees would normally converge, can lead to conversations amongst team members and strengthen their sense of community. This is not limited to messages or vital company information, signages can also be used to share inspirational messages. This can improve mood and boost productivity and employee retention.

Remember, a winning company culture can single-handedly take your company to the next level, and audio-visual design can be a huge part of that. If your company is around New York and its environs and you're looking to install AV systems to boost your company culture, you can contact us. We are a great audio-visual design company with a mission to help you fulfill your goals even better than you imagined them.

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