September 10, 2022

3 Reasons to Get Motorized Shades in NYC

"From controlling your home’s temperature to giving the appearance of someone being at home when you’re away and so much more, there’s a laundry list of reasons to get motorized shades."

When it comes to automated shades and smart living, there are all kinds of great reasons to get motorized shades. Chances are you’ve already considered some of them, and you might have even read our other information about how motorized shades benefit your life. However, there are some other reasons to add automated shades to your home that you might not have thought of. That’s what we’re talking about today.

Reasons to Get Motorized Shades

From controlling your home’s temperature to giving the appearance of someone being at home when you’re away and so much more, there’s a laundry list of reasons to get motorized shades. We’ve covered many of them already, so let’s talk about some of the reasons that you might not have thought about.

Making Life Easier for the Elderly and Disabled

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, if you have an elderly or disabled family member, you already know how vital it is to make accessibility a key factor in your home. Whether you ensure your city apartment is on the first floor or has an elevator or you have a special vehicle to make long drives to and from places in the country viable, accessibility is everything. That goes for your shades, as well.

Whether you’re installing motorized shades in NYC, Miami, or a rural area, their easy, one-button, or voice-activated operation makes them perfect for those with limited mobility due to age, infirmity or a physical disability. They do away with the need for cords and strings, offering easy access and use through voice activation, an app, or wall-mounted keypad.

Living Space Versatility

Another benefit of motorized shades in NYC is the versatility that they offer. Lower the shades for movie night – or movie afternoon, for that matter – or install shades in your sunroom or patio room to give added privacy in the evening. These types of rooms are especially convenient when motorized shades are installed because they typically have banks of windows that make it difficult and inconvenient to adjust manual shades.

Natural Lighting Control

We often hear people talk about natural light. Of course, the first thing we think of is how bright and inviting it can make a home, but it’s also vital to our physical and mental health and well-being.

Natural light helps promote the production of vitamin D in our bodies, regulates our energy levels, and even helps us sleep better by allowing our circadian rhythms to function normally.

You can reap the benefits of natural light by using motorized shades and window treatments on a schedule. Program the shades to rise and lower with the sun, allowing the most natural light and the day’s natural sunlight progression to fill your home and help keep your healthy and happy.  

Reasons to Get Motorize Shades You Haven’t Considered

From making your window treatments accessible to improving your physical and emotional health, there are reasons to get motorized shades that go beyond simply beauty and convenience, although those are important, as well.

If you’ve been considering getting motorized shades, take a 360-degree view of your life, and you’ll find that motorized shades can make life better in a variety of ways.

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