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PSE/AV provided video conference solutions throughout the space for various meeting rooms.

The unique challenge was to provide a solution that integrates seamlessly with office spaces in London and Sydney for multipoint video conferencing. Crestron UC platform was chosen to tackle various room sizes - huddle rooms, medium and large meeting spaces and training space.

project highlights

Reception AMP Capital

Low-profile video wall was designed to provide interactive content via digital signage player that integrates with various cloud-based content providers such as App Space. Audio playback integrated via in-ceiling speaker system.

Boardroom AMP Capital

Large format LCD display was installed to achieve proper image size and optimal viewing for all participants. Table microphones were distributed evenly throughout the space for the best audio quality and discreet look.

Training Space AMP Capital

Multipurpose space was designed to be utilized for local presentation, video conference and entertainment space. Custom ceiling design presented a challenge to integrate audio systems. Integrated speaker system by Sonance was chosen for it’s architectural properties and discrete solution for low-frequency drivers that can be hidden above the ceiling.

Work Stations AMP Capital

Ceiling-mounted displays were installed to provide real-time market information and cable programming.

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