Our process begins by understanding the why behind your project. Instead of taking a purely technological approach, we start with understanding the impact that the project will have on your unique lifestyle. This creates an endpoint that we can design a fully integrated system around, serving as our anchor from start to finish. 



Every project starts by meeting with you to have an initial conversation about your vision for the project. This will help us identify the core goals that we can use to guide our approach. 


After our initial conversation, we propose a system design and project quote that is built around the goals of the project. From here, the conversation will continue—and the proposal will be refined as needed.


Once the design is approved, we move into the engineering phase—working with architects and designers to complete all necessary drawings and planning.



Based on the timeline, we will stage all of the equipment in our local shop and prepare it for a quick installation. 


After we’ve tested the system at the shop, we complete our installation on-site. Our goal is a smooth installation process—so you can start enjoying your new (smarter) home experience.

Ongoing Maintenance

After completed installation, we offer ongoing maintenance and proactive monitoring to ensure that everything is running smoothly.